06 December 2009

All in a day's work

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I have seen him on television many a time, winning over many hearts, especially women's hearts. He was handsome and also successful. He was exactly the kind of guy, who would be every woman’s dream. Any woman would give away her heart to him, happily. Yet, I wasn't looking forward to meet him. It wasn't normal, at least not for me, because I had always dreamed of living the characters that he loved on screen. The way he kept up to his commitments going against the world, fighting with the villains… everything was so appealing. I had liked all the roles that he played on screen. I wanted my companion to be a mirror image of him, so alike him, who would protect me from the horrors that I face everyday and spare me from the after effects of the horrors. I have been haunting my dreams ever since I started living this horror. I relive the horrors every time I see myself in the mirror.

I do not and had never wanted the life that I am living now. It was uncle who had chosen this life for me. I wish mom and dad had never left me at his mercy. Only if they were still alive, it would have been a different story, a beautiful one.

Shanti had chosen a pink dress and I wore it without questioning. I really didn’t want to meet this guy. I wish he had never asked to see me. I had such a good opinion about him and now he has ruined everything. He was always one woman’s man, at least one woman at a time when he came on screen. I had never wondered whether he would be the same in real or very different from whatever he plays. I had assumed that he would be like the roles he played, but now I realize it was just an illusion. I would have never doubted his warm and genuine smile. He is one hell of an actor if he has managed to not let his audiences and media to know the real him. I realize that whatever we see on television is nothing more than a fake. People who are good on screen might not actually follow the principles and examples they set on screen and bad people might not always be bad.

The black limo that the actor had sent was waiting for me outside my house. The chauffeur opened the door and he didn’t miss to take a good look at my cleavage before closing the door. Damn, men! The actor was also no less. I doubt whether I would ever meet a decent guy. I guess not. The limo smelled good and expensive…after all, the guy was a superstar.

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had met a celebrity. They all play the same card and it is them who make me win. Oh, I did win all the time. Now, I not only do what I wish to but also make uncle dance at my words. Money is very powerful, most powerful thing that I have come across. Money might not last in my bank account but wherever it lasts, its power will sustain.

I glossed my lips and brushed my hair. Though I am not eager to meet this guy, I want to look my best when I do. It is my business after all. I had started it when uncle had sold me to a rich neighbor, though for a day. I can’t recall with how many men I have slept ever since. They were mostly celebrities, businessmen and officers. I always dealt with dignitaries and now, it was another such business deal.

The chauffer stopped the car in front of a huge bungalow and held the door open for me. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and knew this actor will add more to my horrors. Anyhow, I entered the bungalow and the actor was waiting for me, holding champagne and showcasing the same smile that I had fallen for. I moved towards him, loosening my dress. It was all in a day’s work…

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  1. Well written and apt narration....Both imaginative and pragmatic flavours are fabricated with balance. I do appreciate you for bringing out the social evils . Keep exploring the social arena. Waiting for more such posts.

  2. very well written, it was a good read, a fiction that makes you think is always the best way to write

  3. Beautifully narrated though you were dealing with a cliché concept.

  4. @Mahesh

    Thanks for appreciating my effort.

  5. Wow.. one of the hatke posts Ive read.. great writing lady..and bold too

  6. I second Sojo, the flow and the narration made it a good read. :-) . Good post !

  7. When it comes to narration, this is your best post so far. As far as the story is concerned, I usually don't prefer such topics.
    All the best! Cheerios! :-)

  8. wonderfully wriiten seriouly,,apt n crisp..lovely..perhaps 1 of d best post till now

  9. @scratchyousoul
    I realise I choose bold topics, but it is nice to write about them and let others know about my opinion about those topics than play a hypocrite.

    I am glad for you liked the flow and narration though not the concept. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I guessed you wouldn't like the concept. I know it isn't an unique concept but things like this happen very often.

  10. @Vineet
    I am glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  11. Hey, I did not dislike the concept :-) . Just meant that the good narration-flow made an oft used topic interesting ..

  12. Very interesting story. Tragic hard-hitting reality.. People tend to think they know the people they see on screen, even claiming to love them, but the reality could be so different.

    Came here through IndiVine and now following this! :)

  13. @Madhu
    I guess I misunderstood your comment. Thanks for appreciating my work.

    Exactly, we like sharukh, amitabh and so on... not questioning ourself even once, whether they are worth liking...

  14. wow... this was a soft story come i did not visit this before??

    Excellent days in the work.

    was it late night submission?

  15. nicely narrated..Why don't u try ur luck in the movies maam..Uve good imagination..I am sure you will make a very good story writer on screen..nice post..keep blogging..:)

  16. Very interesting story. Bold topic with good flow and narration. I like the way you balance the fiction and the social part related to it.
    May be some day i get a chance to learn from your posts how to narrate a gud fiction.

  17. A thought provoking post...

    As they say; 'all that glitters is not gold'...

  18. btw... check out Pawan's post (if you haven't done that already, that is)

    Similar topic... in a different light.

  19. As all the people have already told you...A very nice narration...
    A topic not everybody deals with.. though you brought our the horrors of it quite nicely....

  20. Hey, nethra a gr8 debut post for blog-a-ton :)
    evn pawan hs writtn a post on the same 'work' nd i mst say ur ideas r brilliant.. really liked it.. keep adding sch dimensions to the event :)

  21. goood narration yes...Actor ..? interesting! ...all te best..cya around

  22. A very riveting and interesting post!!
    And amazing narration...keeps you hooked!!
    A good one!
    Cheers :)

  23. Its nice to read two consecutive posts with similar theme I mean Pavan to wrote on similar lines .... I liked your because you wrote it more subtly without getting melodramatic too much.... nice work....

  24. @Ravan
    You have a nice name.
    Glad you liked the story. Yes, I submitted it late. By the way, thanks for dropping in to read the story. Keep visiting.

    I am really flattered, if you think I can become a script writer. I will surely do that some day. Thanks for you took time to check my blog.

    I am happy for you liked the story and trust me there are people who narrate better than me. Thanks for your precious time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And yes, you got it right. "all that glitters is not gold". I will surely check pawan's blog.

    I am glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping in to check my blog.

    Thanks for you lemme participate though I posted it pretty late. I am glad you liked my story. Keep visiting for more.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am happy for you felt my story was a gripping
    one. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting for more.

    I am glad you liked my post. Thanks for dropping in to read the story. I will surely check pawan's post and see the melodramatic version of my story. :P

  25. Wow!
    No brute expressions that gives the feel.
    This was entirely different and well portrayed.
    But though the topic was the same, I guess we dealt in different ways.
    But anyhow I liked to read "The Other Perspective" of my post :)


  26. I should say a very good read the concept was very nice i should say. But the narration at the start wasn't all that gripping though, could've been better. Now i have to choose between you and pawan. Damn!!!

  27. " I have been haunting my dreams ever since I started living this horror..."

    I am not sure f I understood that line correctly.

    A very sensitive post and well written.Pain and resignation are both evident.

  28. @Pawan
    Only our concepts were same. Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    The starting of the story was meant to be like that, anyways from next time I will keep in mind that I gotta make it more gripping. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    " I have been haunting my dreams ever since I started living this horror..."
    It means it is all in her mind. Whenever she sees herself in the mirror she recalls everything that happens to her whenever she sleeps with some guy. She haunts herself and she can't get rid of it.
    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting if you feel like reading more of my writings.

  29. This is one of the most wonderful stories I have come across! Amazingly written. Bloggers like you are very rare - you have a very creative bent of mind! I appreciate your creativity and the way you have put up in this story! Keep it up!

  30. Hi there.

    I didn't think I'd be reading two consecutive posts on the same kind of protagonists. :) Well... i must say that its hugely interesting to see how the protagonists have been charactered slightly differeently. Though they both do the same kind of work... one is raw and bleak, the other is sophisticated and bleak. :)

    Very nicely written.

    Good luck dear!!

  31. @Neeraj
    Thanks for visiting my blog and also thanks for appreciating my story.
    I will surely check your blog.

    I am glad you liked it and thank you.

  32. Wow..I cant believe I a rereading this. Usually such a story could have been a lot offending or scary, but you chose a utter subtle tone and yet conveyed the same meaning you intended to. Wonderfully done. Great job Nethra.

  33. Nice, crisp and gripping! Well written..Will take time to explore your whole blog..:)


  34. @Dilontherocks
    Thanks for appreciating my work. Keep visitng.

    You are most welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

  35. Very nice post.. a tabooed topic rendered in a subtle way.. if only more poeple could galnce into the sould of these people rather than demeaning them :) Wonderfully written.. certainly one of the best!!

  36. @The West Wind
    That is what I had in mind when I wrote the story. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  37. Touching post Nethra...I liked the subtle way in which the character progresses. It did touch my heart and I think that what makes a good writer:)

    Good Luck!
    Deepa from

  38. u are as usual at ur narration best ... socially apt post .. nice work

  39. @Deepa
    I am glad you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog. Keep dropping in for more.

    Thank you so much.

  40. that was well written
    thank you for a good read!

  41. @Sorcerer
    I am glad you liked the story. Thanks for the appreciation.

  42. I must say you are a very good writer :)

  43. @loveish
    Thank you for appreciating my work.

  44. nice blog................keep it going.......
    check out my blog n post comment if u find it interesting......

  45. @Anish
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  46. well written..

    nicely put on the tortures that Indian women still face in India...

  47. @Sundeep
    Thanks for appreciating my work :)

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  49. Awesome :).I dont have anything to say.Possibly the best narration.Crisp very Crisp.You rock babe :)

  50. @Dolphin
    Thank you for appreciating my work. :)

  51. Well written.. A socially sensitive topic very well delved into.. Dramatic, Smart & Crisp.. Well done!

  52. @Pooja
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked it. I will try to maintain the standards. :)