24 December 2009

My Cinderella Story

How much I wanted to live a fairy tale? Every time I heard Cinderella's story, I imagined myself in a beautiful white gown wearing delicate sandals running away from my prince, when the clock ticked twelve. I wanted to run away from him, so that he would come looking for me. I had always wanted to feel important.

I hated being ordinary. I hated being poor. Most of all, I hated being plain. Its not like no man came seeking for my hands. They did, but they were just farmers, carpenters, scholars, weavers...none were prince. I wanted only a prince who would treat me like Cinderella.

Sherry always complained that it was quite silly of me to be waiting for a prince because princes married plain girls only in fairy tales. She didn't believe in Cinderella's story. I knew she was wrong. I had a very strong feeling that my prince would come for me, very soon. She never liked when I rejected any men, so she had warned that she would tell everything to father if I rejected anyone again.

Sherry and me were friends ever since I could remember. We had played together and dreamed together. Our dreams had been same when we were young. We had wanted to be our fathers' sons. We helped them in their farms. Later, we wanted handsome men for our husbands and I wanted not just a handsome man but a prince.

I could read and write. I did even learn to dance because that is all the prince's bride does. She prinks the whole day and attend parties. Everyday would be celebration for her. I wanted to live in a similar world. I didn't want to wear cottons but silk dresses. I wanted to wear gold and diamonds. I wanted other women to die in envy when they saw me in my prince's arms.

One winter day, a traveler came seeking my hands in marriage. He was so fine a man that father accepted his proposal. When father asked for my opinion about the traveler, I had no reason to refuse. Peter, the traveler, was handsome, rich and educated. He did treat me no less than a princess and he was quite a prince himself, but only in his manners and appearance. He ruled no land. He owned no kingdom. He had no servants, guards and palace.

He bought me a wedding dress that was made of silk. We spent many evenings together walking in the park, while he told me about his family and business. He let me speak. He did listen to me. He showed interest in my interests. He bought me books to read. He complimented my beauty and gave away gifts. He was very kind to father and they got along fine.

It seemed like my fairy tale was ending. If I did marry Peter, I could no more wait for my prince. I feared that Sherry's opinion about princes was right. They married plain girls only in tales. I still didn't want to give up. If my prince was not coming to me then I decided I would find him. I left when father was still in his bed. I love father very much but more than that, I hate the world I live in.

The sun hadn't raised yet and the village was still asleep. The road I chose was harsh and wild, but it was exciting. I was thinking what would I tell to my prince when I find him. I was hopeful I would find him but couldn't stop myself from thinking what if I don't. I didn't want to fail because I couldn't go back to father. Peter wouldn't want to marry a girl who had left him few days before the wedding day.

I almost died in fear when I felt like someone was following me. I hid behind a tree trunk and peeped to see who it was. I couldn't see anyone. I guess no one was following me, it was all in my imagination. I was day dreaming a lot those days.

Peter caught me all of a sudden and asked, "Where are you going, love?"

I couldn't think of an answer. I stood there, staring at him. I couldn't believe he had come behind me. I was out seeking for my prince and I found one.


  1. Hey that was a captivating story. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Very well narrated.

  2. hmmm seen the movie Enchanted?

  3. Nice one ... As they say, 'If you are destined for something, you would end up having it in the end.' A happy ending ... I dont ever seem to come up with happy endings ... donno why ...

    Please do visit my blog and suggest improvements.

  4. @Karthik
    I am glad you liked it. :)

    Thanks dear, :)

    This wasn't inspired by Enchanted. I have seen the Movie anyways. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    You are right. We get only those things that we are destined to get. Even, I never wrote happy ending stories, but I am trying really hard. Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. :)
    I did visit your blog. It is very nice. :)

  5. hey nice little story you have got there!
    it felt good reading it... you see every girl dreams of a prince... good one.. looking forward to more...

  6. right out of Grimms fairy tales...enjoyed reading it

  7. plain and simple but still it left an indelible impression .... :) :)

  8. I completely go by what Mahesh said.Very much plain and simple yet leaving an impression.

  9. Nice story again..Alas its rightly said we get what we deserve and not what we desire..:) keep blogging..

  10. its like usual nethra u rocked..ur presentation is magnificient

  11. @Tanmaya
    Yes, every girl dreams of a prince. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  12. @Nalini
    I'm happy you compared it with Grimms fairy tales. I hope I can write something like that one day.
    Thanks for appreciating my work. :)

  13. @Mahesh
    I am glad you liked the narration though it was quite simple.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  14. @Vamsi
    You are right. We get what we deserve but sometimes we get what we desire, because we tend to see what we desire in what we get.
    Thanks for appreciating my work. :)

    @angel from heaven
    I'm glad you liked it. :)

  15. @123vineet
    Thanks, Vineet. I'm happy you liked it. :)

  16. That was touching story...well written..
    Happy new year..

  17. @dilontherocks
    Happy New Year! I'm glad you liked the story and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

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  19. first time on your blog.
    that was a wonderful story, well written and narrated :)

    the way you portrayed the idea in its all elegance.

  20. Wow..thats 'love'ly story :)was hooked to reading impatiently waitng for the next line :) Very cute story :)

  21. @Eric
    Thank you for the advice, but I'm not ready to spend money on my blog i.e., for now. I will surely think about it later. Thanks again. Keep visiting the blog for more. :)

    I'm happy you liked it. Thanks for the appreciation. :)

    I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  22. :) I loved the story... :-)

    they say we always get what we really want and desire, sometimes not within the same kind of wrapping paper that we wish we throw it without opening and complain!!!

    Great post!!!

  23. Hey.. thats was very well thought out!

    very good read.. :)

  24. @Dangy
    That is exactly what I had in my mind when I wrote it. I am glad you got the message. I am also happy that you liked the story. Visit again for more of them. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will be back to read more. :)

  25. Wow..I so so love the last para.. awesomely put!

  26. @Quirky
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked it. :)

  27. very well written..loved the ending:-)


  28. Good one...I totally agree that sometime ppl dont recognize that their dreams is just right next to them, for what they have craved for so long..Probably Destiny Makes them realize :)

  29. Chandan
    Trust me, it happens most of the time. People fail to see what's in front of them and instead chase beauty and money all the time.

  30. Wow!! Nice to read this story!! Just like me you too found your prince :)