03 December 2009


 I couldn’t believe my ears when she said, “It’s over”. I wanted to know, “Why?” but I didn’t find my voice to ask her anything. I wondered whether I was dreaming or it was happening in real. Until a moment ago, I believed that she loved me and then she turns my life upside down. My eyes went blur, head swirled and my legs gave away. One moment she was there in front of me and another moment, I was alone. As I hit the floor, I heard a voice, “She killed me, Sid”. There was so much pain in the voice that it actually sucked the soul out of my body. It said, “Now, you will never keep your promises”.

I tried to shake off the voice from my head but I couldn’t. I lied there, on the ground and yet, there wasn’t any ground beneath me. After what seemed ages, I heard another voice. “Are you alright?” It was again her. A strong urge to strangle her to death gave me enough strength to stand on my legs. However, I had gone blind. I couldn’t see her. I wanted to slaughter the bitch…she was a murderer, so I searched for her in air like a blind man. I hit my head to something hard and again fell onto the ground.

When I again opened my eyes, I felt tears on my cheeks, although I couldn’t recall when I was being crying. I was still not able to see anything. Then, out of blue came a hand and started brushing my forehead. It was so warm and strangely familiar. I tried hard to recognize it, but in vain. I couldn’t figure out whether I had gone blind or the world around me had just vanished.

Suddenly, I was scared. I tried to clear my vision and see where I was and whose hand was trying to comfort me. When I recalled what had happened earlier, I sat with a start and that startled not only me but also everyone around me. Mamma was sitting at my side. It was she who had been trying to comfort me. I hugged her and cried, “Sorry mamma”.

She said, “Don’t be sorry, son. You haven’t done anything. She was the one who chose to leave”.

Nobody knew the complete story. Only she and I did. I wondered how mamma would react if I told her about the voice that I had heard and the promises it was talking about. It wasn’t the bloody break up that had broken me, but the murder that the whore had committed.

I wanted to talk to her for one last time and ask her why she had deceived me. I wanted to convince her not to kill the foetus if she hadn’t already aborted it. I didn’t understand how she could have done it. She too wanted the baby until yesterday. Now, she comes up with another guy and tells she wants to marry him instead and everything between us is over. I doubted the guy knew anything about her relationship with me and anything about her pregnancy. Anyway I did not plan to tell him anything. All I had wanted was a happy ending, which would say, “They lived happily ever after” but it had ended badly. I had dreamed so much about the child…my child. I knew I would get over her one day, but the dead foetus would always haunt my dreams and me. I sobbed silently, hugging mamma, while she caressed my head. I wondered how a mother could ever kill her child...


  1. Touching and impacting....
    I just got involved with the narration....
    keep bringing out the social and human elements....

  2. Beautifully written!
    Your narration is getting better and better with every post. Keep going! :-)

  3. @Mahesh

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It inspires me to write when I see my stories are being read.

  4. This is too good! I have a heavy feeling in my heart, Nethra! The conversations, the feelings of the characters...very well written!

    Congrats! Came here from blogadda!

  5. touchin to the core...awesome dear

  6. @Sandhya
    I am glad you liked it. Keep visiting.
    You were in hurries, huh? :)
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    Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad you liked the story.

  7. Gripping writing.

    Congrats on the Blogadda pick.

  8. What a creativity!! there is a very skilled writer inside u..

  9. @Shail
    Thank you! :)

    I am glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Cheers! :)

  10. This was awesome...i mean i always knew that u have this rare gift of never running short of stories to tell and coming up with really nice stories but the way you have narrated it here is really something.... you have improved a lot as a writer..keep it up...i am not an authority but its not difficult to divine here that you will go far as a writer if u keep words pouring in....

  11. @random
    Thanks for appreciating my work. I hope that one day I will write better that this.
    Thanks again. :)

  12. @Vijay
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  13. Your narration is good.. Keep it up :)

  14. @Kavi
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  15. Very beautifully written..It has touched the deepest corners of my heart..

  16. @Swats
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  17. Nice one dear.The emotional content was brought out well.The impact was there,not just another story.

  18. @Dolphin
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  19. @Siddhartha
    I'm glad that you liked it. :)

  20. splendid stuff... I was carried away by the flow...

    The ups and downs are very well constructed...

    Some harsh lines really make an impact on the reader

  21. @Saurabh
    It was inspired by a true story and the worst part was the girl who got aborted was my friend. :P

  22. @ Nethra,

    I meant that you used to potray your characters in a powerful way in all your write ups and I love it. Every one will have

    their own style in that way I love your way of writing a lot and followed by you is Mahesh & Leo.

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    Yours Frendly,
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