14 January 2012


Dear Readers & Writers,

I know that I haven’t been blogging these days and I am not even reading other blogs that I used to read regularly. I miss reading Blog, I rhyme without reason & A musing who update their blogs frequently and also, other bloggers whom I follow like Aura of Sleepless Dreams, The Unwise prevails over the Wise, Wandering thoughts, Nirvana, Shravan RN's, A rose is a rose is rose!…the list goes on. Note to self: I must visit their blogs soon.

What to do? College keeps me busy and also, I had been busy with Fablery. I still got lot of things to complete. To mention few- assignments, reading books that I have been reading since forever but haven’t completed yet and watching the movies that I downloaded last week. Not to forget, I wanted to start watching “Vampire Diaries” too.

Anyway, the reason behind this blog-post: I wanted to tell my readers about a simple game that they could play on Facebook to win a book written by R K Narayan and also help in spreading the word about Fablery. I started Fablery because I thought good writers deserve a chance to get published as that is every writer’s dream (it is my dream, at least). If writers do not learn about this opportunity then Fablery would be meaningless so please spread the word and make a writer’s dream come true; that writer could be you or someone close to you. Another thing that I want to add is, Fablery wasn’t started with the intention of rejecting few stories and selecting few, but with an intention to provide writers with an opportunity to get published. The contest will be held every year and your story gets a chance to make it to the book every month so there will be plenty of opportunities that one could use. Doesn’t that sound good and fair?

Now, about the game that could win you a book written by R K Narayan:

Quote your favorite character & get your friends to “like” the same and also the page “fablery” (otherwise the number of likes on your quotes won’t be counted). The quote with maximum likes will win a book written by R K Narayan.

Here’s the link to the game: Quote your favorite character here

And here’s the link to the site: Fablery

Also, the Facebook page for Fablery: Fablery on Facebook

Twitter handle: @fablery_

The game ends on 20th January, 2012.

When I say “quote your favorite character”, I mean you must quote a character from a novel, not authors or some famous personalities. Also, do not forget to mention the book to which the character belongs.

I am ending this blog-post on a note that I will try to blog regularly from now onwards and also, read the blogs that I follow.

Thanks & Regards,


  1. Would love it if u visit my blog too Nethra!

  2. Ah I would so love to participate. But I'm also super duper busy, don't even get enough time to watch my favorite dramas or read books these days. *sigh* but I'll try to drop by from time to time!

  3. haha.. don't worry about that. Anyways, thanks for the link. I should go check that out!

  4. When you will announce the winner ?

  5. I will check it out anyhow! nice post and do keep blogging!

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