20 January 2012

The Perfect World

I haven’t read too many motivational or inspirational books or anything other than fictions and of course, my course books. To be honest, I hadn’t read any motivational book at all but thanks to Priya Kumar’s “The Perfect World”, now I can claim that I have read one such book too. 

“The perfect world” was not just a motivational book but Priya has taken help of a fiction to tell readers whatever she intended to tell them, and that’s what makes the book interesting.

It was a shame that I couldn’t complete it in a go because of my exams but I am glad that I completed it, later or sooner, because Niki Sander’s, protagonist, story has helped me grow spiritually. I have realized that there is something beyond this material world and I am capable of doing more than what I am delivering now. There are no superior and inferior beings in this world but only souls that have lost their purposes and are away from the path that they should have taken to fulfill their purposes in this world. 

I also learnt that we are what we chose to be and nobody else should be blamed for whatever or whoever we are today. If I am not happy with my life, then I should be figuring out how to make my life better and be happier, instead of blaming others or anyone at all for my unhappiness. 

Now, I see where I was wrong in expecting someone to perceive me the way I wanted them to see me. I didn’t let them be and constantly tried to impress them, while I could have been working to fulfill my purpose in this world. I didn’t grow when I was chasing someone else and their purposes, and didn’t let them grow. I should have respected others for what they are but I wanted them to be me, like me. I wasted my energy in trying to change others according to me and also, occupied their spiritual spaces which were meant only for them. 

Niki Sanders’ transformation from a loser to someone who decided to do what she really wanted to do and transformation of the sorceress Thelda to a drummer, and their journey to Zedius, the perfect world, along with the beings of Zedius, Acrodorf and Bren, was really magical. The barriers that they came across and difficulties that they faced on their way taught them lessons that they had chosen to ignore or forget, and helped them in realizing the strength that their spirits held within them. They learnt how wonderful creators they were and how they had lost the power to do what they wanted to. They defeated Maya and other evil powers to save themselves and the planet Zedius. They also freed Zedius from the imperfection that they had chosen to overlook. 

We have the power to change our world and our lives and that is what I learnt after reading Priya’s “The Perfect World”. I am sure that everyone who reads this book would take some points from the book that would solve one or the other problem that they are facing in their lives. 

And to tell about Priya’s writing skills, she has narrated the story in a very simple language hence the spiritualism concept won’t seem like a rocket science. The story is surreal but it’s alright as long as you don’t pick up this book for its story but the message it intends to spread. 

I rate this book 3 out of 5 and recommend that everyone read it too, as I, totally, enjoyed reading it.

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