10 December 2011

Prevention is better than cure

We, Indians, always complain about how dirty our country is compared to the developed nations like USA, Japan, etc but when it comes to doing our bit, we do nothing. We throw wastes anywhere and everywhere we feel like-be it bus-stops or on our neighbor’s doorsteps. And when somebody complains about our wrongdoings, we ignore them by saying that they are just trying to be righteous, instead we could ponder upon our actions.

Let’s exclude not-so-learned men and also women for awhile. It’s really painful to watch college going people throw wastes out of a moving bus. Would it hurt them to dump the wastes in the right place “dustbin” instead of throwing it out, carelessly? Don’t they realize that it could make a rider lose his vehicle’s balance and meet with an accident, if the waste falls on him out of blue? Is it alright to risk others’ lives just because we are too lazy and careless?

We don’t have to carry broomsticks on our backs and clean the city but we can always avoid dirtying it more. 

Wearing helmets and following traffic rules, throwing wastes in dustbins, being humane towards weaker beings-these little things make huge difference if practiced regularly. We never know who’s watching us. People might pick up our good habits and then that might lead to a greater good.

Let’s be responsible.


  1. Singapore is considered to be the most neat in the world because people there, have a self conscious and respect for their country, in action, unlike Indians, in words.
    Also, a heavy fine on those who cutter the streets keeps them away.

  2. Well said! Everybody needs to be responsible for the common good!

  3. Cleanliness like charity begins at home!

  4. Not "we"! I exclude myself. :) I even carry toffee wrappers in my handbag till I find a place to put them. Let me give credit where it is due even if it is to my own self.
    I have picked up quarrels with my own family members (of the older generation) who think throwing waste over the wall into the empty plot next door is okay; have ticked off maids for throwing waste from the top floor to the abandoned area behind. I am sure they thought I was crazy... the place was a dump, yet I refused to let them empty the waste from our house over there and insisted that they put it in the allotted space. :P

  5. high time people sat back and thought about these basic stuffs . . well written..thought provoking

  6. you're right.. I have to admit, I have been guilty of the same many a time. Its nothing for me to be proud of... and yes, its time for a change..starting with myself.

  7. Good one but there is no point in trying to ponder over this..Things aren't likely to get any better..

  8. Prateek
    I agree that we got a long way to go...

    It will take forever for people to understand that.

    Exactly. So let's take bath regularly. :P

    I avoid littering too. My friends call me "righteous" because of that but I still do what I want to & advice them to keep the city clean.

    Yes, it's high time indeed.

    I'm glad that you realised your mistake at least now.

    But I still want to do my bit.

  9. I agree with you. Its us. I get mocked at for carrying a paper in my bag than just dropping on a street. If its not us, who else can keep our own place clean?

  10. so true. instead of just complaining we ought to stop messing up the place ourselves

    rock on buddy!

  11. quite right...I can proudly say I avoid littering as much as possible...But funny thing is its sometimes difficult to spot a dustbin in the area!Not all public places have dustbins which is a shame indeed..

  12. absolutely...

    Nice article

    Ishita Sharma

  13. Its never a bad idea to avoid littering. It can start from keeping plastic wrappers in your pocket until you find a suitable place to dump it. Start, talk and appreciate. Pretty soon it'll spread like cancer.

  14. Loved the post... Thanks for this initiation Nethra..
    Appreciable Effort :)

    Yes this is what is having day by day... We blame to Indian Govt, Corruption and uneducated ppl but we are ourselves doing such things...

  15. If people thought that the little things they do would be lost in inaction of the masses, then India would still be ruled by British. Good habits spread as branches..let's keep the chain alive. :)

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