28 September 2011

Of Dreams

Have you ever read or heard a story that makes you feel that you have read it before but still want to go on and know what happens next? I have read so many such stories. With around 7 billion people across the planet, we are losing uniqueness. Yesterday, I bought roses for my mom, dined at KFC with dad, took my dog out for a really long walk and also played with my little brother. I wonder how many of you would have followed the same schedule. You or people around you might have done at least one of the above things if not all. Coincidences happen all the time and such coincidences bind people together under the tag of interests, tastes and other things. However, such small familiar stories are what connect us with the book “Of Dreams” written by Aditi Talwar Sodhi-another Indian author I never imagined I would read one day. It’s not that I think lowly of them. It’s just my friends who also got a habit of reading mostly read foreign authors hence even I end up reading only foreign authors. It got another reason too; that is, I usually read fantasy fictions and when it comes to this genre, Indians have contributed very less or might be I’m ignorant so please pardon my ignorance.

You might have liked the same guy whom your friend liked. You might have married a stranger, blindly, just because he/she was chosen by your parents. You might have spent days crying over your broken relationship. But all along, you had a dream too. You make plans for tomorrow and rush with full force to achieve those small goals. You want to prove yourself to the world, to yourself and sometimes, to no one in particular. You even write down your dreams on a piece of paper and might forget all about it for awhile because of the responsibilities that demand your attention but you come back again, overcome all the obstacles that stop you from achieving those dreams and finally, succeed.

Amrita-only daughter of a rich business man-whose dream was to manage her father’s business marries another rich man and loses her dreams as she gets busy with her married life, kids and her narrow minded mother; Aarti-only daughter of a defeated man who lost his business-had to give up her dream of studying business and starting up her own business to financially support her family; Payal, who fancied fame and had always been proud of her beauty loses her dignity and flies abroad to save her face. And the story of the book revolves around these three characters. Not just these three characters but the author has given enough space and attention to every other character in the story and that makes the story more lifelike. You shall definitely end up identifying these characters in people around you. The story doesn’t contain too many miracles unlike our Hindi movies which would have made it more of a fairytale rather than a simple and beautiful story that it is.

The narration is neither pacy nor draggy. The one strong point of this book is that it makes you feel that you have read the story already but that’s a weak point too as it seems predictable at times. The story fills you with energy and encourages you to go ahead with whatever fate has in stores for you because you shall anyway achieve what you want, no matter how hard the fate tries it make things difficult for you but only if you truly want something. It might take a life time but you can always fulfill your dreams and that’s what I learnt from the story that was beautifully narrated by Aditi.

I shall rate the book 3 out of 5 and would suggest that everyone read it too because I truly enjoyed reading it.


  1. read or not to read?
    thanks for the review anyway!

  2. Hey this book sounds exactly like the kind of books I like. Will give it a try after I have finished with my pending quota of reads.

  3. I wont read your post. I got this book as a gift and I am about to read. Dont want to know about it now :D

  4. Raphael
    DO read. It's pretty good though not extra ordinary.

    I have many books to read too. I'm not getting time at all.

    Do let me know your opinion about the same once you finish reading it.