18 September 2011

My college diary

If you are a student too then you definitely know that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot pay attention to few lectures. You either sleep or entertain yourself by doing things that you’re not suppose to be doing sitting inside the class during lectures. Well, it’s perfectly alright to play on your phones or draw caricature of your professors during such lectures. I do it all the time but for a change, I wanted to try something else and ended up chatting with an elephant that was sitting beside me. I must add that it found the lecture equally boring. Anyway, just read our following conversation- 

“I would rather hear a frog crook”, it said. 

“Pardon me!” I asked.
“Never mind”, it snapped and I wondered why. Then, I guessed that it probably assumed that I was listening to the lecture hence didn’t hear it properly. I wanted to clear the misunderstanding instead another question slipped out of my mouth, quite unintentionally. “How does it feel to be kicked out of your home?”

“Kicked out? Says who?” It asked. 

“Come-on, don’t deny it. Everything was on newspaper the other day”, I said. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about” it said and I could see that it really meant it so I decided to enlighten it. 

I explained how elephants are being captured, trained to work at depots and also entertain at circus. We talked about wild elephants breaking into nearby villages, destroying crops and dying because of electric shocks etc. We discussed about how forest brigands kill elephants for the tooth that’s worth several millions and how the government is doing very little to save such elephants. I saw rage, fear and finally, the defeat on its face as we moved from one topic to another.

“Why?” it asked and I understood that it was asking why we, humans, are so cruel to them. I wish I knew why we never considered animals’ lives as lives. Feeding on animals was one things- quite justifiable too-but torturing them to death was definitely unforgivable. Nobody, not even animals, deserve to be treated the way we treat animals. 

Humans fly to space. Technology has developed so much that the meaning of communication, market, business and life itself has changed to adapt to the change that technology has brought with it but we still see a horse carriage, bullock cart, even donkeys carrying the burden of our kinds. Why? I wondered too. 

“I do not know”, I replied.

“You should be answerable too” it told me and I again wondered why. 

“I have never been cruel to an animal”, I justified myself. 

“You don’t understand, do you? I have never hurt a human too but I am being punished. Though I’m so well mannered, I don’t see respect for me in their eyes. If I’m chained for what wild beasts do then shouldn’t you be answerable for what your kinds do? Why do you kill us? Do you like it when sharp weapons pierce our thick skins? Do you like beating us up when we don’t oblige to your desires? Is it fun separating our young ones from their mothers? When you do such things don’t your conscious prick you at all?” I had nothing to say.

I opened my mouth to say something but didn’t know what to tell that would justify those cruel actions so I shut my mouth and started at the lecturer who was delivering the boring lecture. I thought boring lectures were cruel but life wasn’t as simple as I thought it was.


  1. If humans stop killing animals for food, acts of cruelty will stop. We have selective kindness, e.g. condemnation of cruelty to whales, dolphins, dogs, etc. What about cruelty to cows, sheep, chickens etc. Do they not deserve kindness?

  2. beautiful way to put your message forward Nethra...appreciate it )

  3. You use your imagination, and play with words very nicely to put across your thoughts..
    keep up with the good work!!

  4. An excellent way to put forth your thoughts!! Really empathetic towards animals.. and in a slightly metaphorical way towards lecturers as well. Great work!!!

  5. Sad indeed. Rhinos, elephants and of course tigers are killed over their valuable horns, tusks and hide. Humans just assume that everything else that lives on the planet lives to make their own selfish lives easier. Nice way to put their resentment metaphorically!

  6. Nethra,

    First of all brilliant form of expression. The cruelty lies in the brain when one gets heartless.


    God Bless

  7. Wonderful way of sharing an important and pertinent message!

  8. Ketan
    They are.

    We don't treat our fellow beings properly. Treating animals kindly is a distant dream.

    Sneha, Rahul
    Thank you!

    I really try to listen to lectures.

    We are so selfish, aren't we?

    We are heartless indeed.

    I'm glad you liked it.

  9. hi nethra- nicely written posts there:- now inspired by the nicely i am writing my new post on my college times. do catch me back on

  10. So that's the big fat jumbo conversation with your elephant classmate!!! Sounds interesting.....

  11. Animal cruelty is intolerable. Glad you brought this issue to light.

  12. @Sushma
    Good to know that it inspired you.

    It's fictitious.

    Killing is not all. We torture animals otherwise too.

    Not eating meat wont make us humane. You don't use leather? You speak against animal cruelty, do you?