11 June 2009


For me life didn’t end after Prabakar. I wanted to live for myself. It’s not like I hadn’t liked Prabakar. He was my love but for me love didn’t end with his death. My parents wanted me to remarry and I didn’t object. Living after losing beloved one wasn’t a sin. Even Prabakar would have wanted me to live happily even if he wasn’t around. If only he hadn’t met with that accident, we would be gaily living together.

My in-laws didn’t like the idea of remarriage, as it was against their traditions. They kept me almost locked inside a room. I wasn’t allowed to come out until men went to work and I had to go back to my room before they returned home. I was never invited to any of the family celebrations and was made to wear white dresses, not even a pinch of color in it.

I tried to bring some colors to my life by painting. Prabakar always appreciated my painting skills and encouraged me to pursue my interest. My in-laws didn’t want me to paint and all, but I didn’t allow them to win over me again. They had me following their rules enough.

Sunil, my brother-in-law helped me exhibit the paintings and I was grateful to him. It was after few days that I realized he wasn’t that helpful. He had his dirty intentions to do it. He started flirting with me. I hated him for ogling at me. I tried giving some signs that I didn’t appreciate his flirting, but he didn’t seem to take any.

I dealt with the exhibitors on my own, so there wasn’t any need for me to talk with him. My in-laws didn’t encourage it, so I told them the reason why I preferred dealing with my businesses on my own. They didn’t believe a word I told them and blamed me instead. They said I was craving for a man’s attention and when I didn’t get Sunil, I was trying for the exhibitioner. Sunil went a step ahead, as nobody would ask him anything, as nobody would believe me. He came to my room and tried assaulting me. He left after I warned that I will scream.

I spoke to my parents, as my in-laws were not so helpful. Dad insisted that I should shift to their place, but my in-laws wouldn’t leave me and they were not even ready to talk to Sunil. They told my parents that I tried seducing Sunil and when it didn’t work, I was putting all the blame on him. My parents didn’t believe a word they said and were very sorry for me.

One day, my in-laws went out of station to attend a far of cousin’s wedding. As usual I wasn’t invited. I stayed back all alone. Even Sunil went with others, but he returned late in the evening, while others would come back the next morning. It was then I was possessed. I still don’t know what happened or how it happened, but I could hear Prabakar in me. I had never mimicked anyone in my life and here I was sounding like Prabakar. Not only voice, but I did not have control over words too. Though I could hear myself talking like Prabakar, I did not know how I was doing it. I even managed to kick Sunil out of my room. I scared the hell out of him and I was scared myself. I sat in a corner waiting for Prabakar to return, but he never came.

I was glad that I managed to keep Sunil away from me. I shifted to my parents place after few days and gave a damn to my in-laws when they tried to stop me. I warned them that I would go to police if they mess with me.

Doctor told me that my subconscious mind had just found a way to protect me from Sunil and it was not Prabakar who had possessed me. I wondered how many people had adopted the same means to fight against helpless situations they face. If, the doctor wasn’t right and it was really Prabakar who had come to save me, I wasn’t too happy about it. He was dead and I had wanted him to rest in peace. If only my in-laws had been supportive, there wouldn’t be any reason for either Prabakar to return or my subconscious to mimic him.

After a year, I am recognized as one of the best painters in the city. I am content with my life. If I have to regret anything, then it is that I left behind everything that was Prabakar’s though I never left him.


  1. hey i simply luv the way u write...keep posting!!

  2. Hey good one nethra!!! keep writing...

  3. nice write .. :) liked it V much ! and the fact that i get to read it even b4 its publishd makes it even more special ! keep writing sis ! :)

  4. Narrated beautifully.I salute women who have the guts to stand up for them selves as did the woman in this story!!

  5. Hey! just stumbled across this- if it is true, I'm glad you got away from what sounds like a diabolical family- good for you!

    And if its fiction, keep going!



  6. nice one simple yet pleasant. good. its like a feel good movie.

  7. This is a nice story. The first two lines really caught my attention. Keep writing :)

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