09 June 2009

King Sized

Motorbikes have always been my passion. I started riding bikes at the age of thirteen and dad bought me one on my eighteenth birthday.

Every night, I go for a long ride. Most of the times, I go alone but sometimes any of my friends give me company. I don’t get enough words when it comes to describe how thrilled I get riding the bike beyond 100-110 km/h.

In my friends circle, I am known for my riding style. I take ten minutes to cover the same distance that any of them do in thirty minutes. Sometimes, I jump traffic signals and ride on pavements to reach the terminus quick. To be honest, riding bikes and breaking rules are as good as being narcotized. Driving after getting drunk is another thing. It has its own beauty.

Ronnie never appreciated my driving skills. I avoid showing off when he is around and try not to go above 30-40 km/h. He is my best pal. Our way of thinking tunes so well that we never disagree over anything except driving. I shut him whenever he started lecturing about speed limits and traffic signal, by faulting him of jealousy. I knew his only intention was to keep me safe, but I liked high-speed and breaking rules. I couldn’t give up those things even for him.

He had helped me a lot after I broke up with Seema. I was over, emotionally and if it wasn’t him, I would have committed suicide. I love him more than I do anyone else because he understands me so well.

Like every night, I was on my usual rounds on bike and a little drunk too. There weren’t many vehicles on road, so I sped up more than I usually do. It was more than thrilling. I liked the way air shot against me. I felt like a king when I did drive with such speed. I also started doing few stunts…riding without holding the accelerators and sometimes legs in air. It was awesome. I wanted to spend rest of my life riding bikes. It was as good as flying in air.

The very next moment, I wished otherwise. Everything changed. Everything went upside down. One moment, I saw Ronnie in front of me and the next moment, he lay there next to me. I had lost balance and hit him. His eyes were open and were staring something beyond everything in existence. I wanted to reach him, but my hands betrayed me. I couldn’t lift them. I wanted to cry but was too tired to do that. I closed my eyes, unable to meet his eyes. When, I opened them, I was in hospital, all bandaged. I wished I had never opened them. My conscious ached more than my body. I had done something so terrible for which I would regret my entire life…king-sized life.

I wished it was me who had left. Ronnie always said, “You aren’t living life king-sized, but trying to leave this king-sized life”.

Mom said Ronnie had shown up that night and when she told him that I was on my usual evening ride, he had insisted to catch up with me instead of waiting. He had come to tell me about the girl he had fallen in love. No wonder he did not want to wait and had come looking for me.

I did not want to give up speed for Ronnie and I never did, but I gave up on the cost of his king-sized life. Now, I not only follow traffic rules, but also ask others to do it. I wish I didn’t have to learn it the hard way.


  1. God!!! I hope this is just a tell me

  2. @ Mayuri
    it is a story, but it might have happened somewhere...u never know

  3. Nice story with good message:)

  4. hey too good... i wish if this story changes atleast few bike riders mind

  5. do u ride when u r drunk ?
    didnt know u rode bikes dear

  6. good write .. but this time .. i felt .. it cud've been a bit better ... not upto ur standard dear ..

  7. i rather contradict...dis is better dan most other stories...a lesson to learnn...

  8. this once is nice.... :D

    n pls... sorrryy...

  9. Awesome dear .I am so happy that i read this one. im happy that i read a great story .i loved the writing style .I just LOVED IT. keep up the good work dear.