27 October 2012

It's not working

'When is it?'

'It's on November 20th, I guess' Bharti said. It was obvious that she didn't really care. It was his cousin's wedding and that's the last thing she had to worry about at the moment.

Aman continued to work on his computer, ignoring her reply. After what seemed an hours, he said, 'I am not booking the tickets' more to himself than to her.

'My sister invited me home. I guess I will stay at her place for awhile. The other day, she was telling me how lonely she feels. I am sure she could do with some company.'

'I will book the tickets after all' he again muttered under his breath. He was happy for he could, now, spend some quality time with Shilpa. She had been complaining for awhile and that's what he thought he should be caring about, not his cousin's wedding or his wife's sister.

'Will you be alright going alone?' There was concern in her voice. 'Old habits!' she thought.

'You should be fine', she added and continued chopping the vegetables. She chopped. One. She chopped. Two. She chopped. Three. 'How long?' she wondered.

'Now it's funny to see people spending on weddings,' Bharti said.

'We shouldn't be commenting on others.'

'I guess not.'

She started frying the vegetables that she had so carefully chopped from past half an hour, making sure that they are of right size, just the way he likes them.

'Does she know how to make vegetable curry?'

'She should.'

'Of course she does.' She poured water into the pan, turned off the gas and said, 'I will leave in awhile. She must be waiting for me.'

'I do remember that you mentioned she hates to be alone after dark. Does he still visit her whenever he is in the city?'

'He does and that's the reason she needs me next to her.'

*** I wrote this as a part of a writing exercise at a certain writers' meet. They said they didn't understand it at all. Well, you did read it so tell me whether you got something or it just flew over your head. 

The background on which I was supposed to build this story was

1.) A couple whose marriage was almost over because of some god-damn reason.
2.) A relative, either wife's or husband's, should be in trouble - rape, abuse, abortion something like that.
3.) The piece must contain dialogues, mostly.
4.) They must not explicitly word their problems. 

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