10 November 2011

Dear, I love you

Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? If you say that you don’t then you are just lying, not just to others but to yourself too. Have you read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series? Initially, I found Edward to be very charming. I didn’t mind having a powerful boyfriend who had eyes only for me but Bella and Edward’s love overdose sickened me and my liking for him ended up as abhorrence. Alright, let’s talk about Arun Sabtharishi’s book named “Dear, I love you” now. To be honest, the protogonist Goutham and his love left even twilight series behind. The book had nothing but Goutham, his girlfriend Anu and their love.

I have never been in a romantic relationship but I am sure that even if I had been, I wouldn’t live like there are no people around me, except for that one person whom I loved. It just doesn’t sound right.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, I don’t because I’m mature enough to understand that a person can only create interest for him/her in me in one meeting and the same interest would make me want to know him/her more, then the love might happen. Is it possible to start loving every cell in a person’s body just because they are good looking? It’s not love at all. Such cheesy dialogues disgust me to no extent. 

To tell you about the protogonist, Goutham, I didn’t find him smart at all but he always managed to score more than his hardworking friends. Might be it was just his luck. Also, his friends would always be at his service though he hardly gave a damn about them. He couldn’t deal with either his love for Anu or his mom’s refusal to accept his love. If I have to describe his character in just two words then they would be a “loser” and a “stalker”. 

Anu, a Bangalore-based brahmin girl, was no good either. She showed no sense of dignity. She quite enjoyed the attention of a stalker. She got dumped repeatedly by him and yet, she always accepted him as soon as he went back to her. He says, “I love you” and she would be at his feet. 

Amrita, Goutham’s sister, who is supposed to be smarter than him according to the author was weak too. The very few dialogues that she exchanges with her mother, Goutham and Anu didn’t make much sense too. I found her “I-am-so-smart” attitude to be very irrational. 

Goutham’s mother was the worst of them all but she helps you figure out why Goutham ain’t that smart so she isn’t a total waste. Anu’s parents’ response towards their daughter’s love was quite hilarious too. 

Author’s broken English didn’t help either. As he is studying at University of Texas in USA, I assumed that his English would be better than most of the Indian authors but I was left disappointed. My dissatisfaction with the book is my opinion alone but you might enjoy the book, unlike me, so read it to find out whether my opinion about it is right or not. Anyway, I would rate the book 1.5 out of 5.


  1. 1.5/5? Lol. Thanks anyway, I wouldn't bother, even the thought of reading it. And about Anu's character, accepting the guy even after being rejected, I feel that's okay you know. Shit happens. After all that's why they call it love. :)

  2. Poor you. 1.5, haha! Like Vamsi said.

  3. seriously the caption made me to read this post but 1.5 out of 5 and the description was too good :P

  4. hey after a very very long time,m back on blogger..glad to visit ur blog again..kind f a deja vu ....and abt Twilight,same is d case wid me..initially i went crazy abt Edward but later on as u know...all tht i want to rmbr abt twilight is only Jacob...well frankly, i didnt lyk ur new blog template..

    keep writing..cheers !!!

  5. Thanks for the review. 1.5/5 sruck off.

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