19 August 2009

Sugar Candies

I didn’t want to marry Vina. She wasn’t the sort of girl I had desired to marry. It wasn’t like she wasn’t beautiful. To be honest, she was prettier than my high school prom queen, but I had never fancied such girls. I didn’t want to marry either a “Plain Jane” or a “Prom Queen”. I had never thought about what kind of girl I wanted as my wife, but was sure it wasn’t Vina.

She was too sophisticated and systematic for me. She ate only in posh hotels, wore designer clothes and never failed to carry a matching purse. She made the maids clean the house everyday and also made sure that they finished their work on time. She was so disciplined that she even had a timetable for her pet. Even I liked eating at fancy hotels, but timetables for a pet was beyond sanity.

Our dads were best friends. At the time she was born, they had decided to get her married to me. When dad spoke
to me about his decision, of course I declined it, but he didn’t leave me with many choices. It was either marry her or leave the family business. I had worked too hard from past five years to leave anything now, so I agreed to marry her. I hoped she wouldn’t bother me with her timetables and sophistication. I comforted myself, “It wouldn’t be that bad”.

Wedding was scheduled after two weeks. It was dad’s idea. He had told me, “If you are getting married, then why not haste...”

I met her couple of times before the big day. Once we had family get-together and we hadn't spoke to each other much, instead we had listened to our parents, while they talked about their good old days. After dinner, we walked around the garden, but even then we hadn't talked much. It was all about “how suddenly everything happened?” Next time we met for a movie and hardly spoke anything.

On the day of wedding, every groom looks forward to see how his bride looks, but I was waiting for the wedding to get over, so that I could stop pretending to be excited. She looked ravishing, more than I would have asked for, but I wasn’t content for I never craved for beauty. In front of priest and God, we promised to one another that we will always keep each other happy, no matter what. I wanted to laugh at the oath but had to make one. It was tradition.

I blamed her for everything and was so angry on her that I talked to her only when some one was around. When we were alone and she would speak to me, I would walk away pretending as if I didn’t hear her.

Initially, she didn’t complain. But after sometime, she asked why I wasn’t behaving normally. She told me that this wasn’t the way a man would treat his new bride. As I didn’t respond to her attempts of starting a conversation, she gave up trying to make me talk to her. Even she started to ignore me, as if we weren’t in the same room and I let her do whatever she wanted.

After a week, my holidays ended and I had to go to work. We still spoke only when someone was around. 

At lunch time, mom came to office and she wanted to talk about something. I supposed that Vina  had complained to mom about how I was treating her.

Mom said, “I just wanted to tell you that prejudice isn’t healthy”.

I pretended as if I didn’t get what she was talking about. “Mom, I have no idea what you mean”.

Mom said, “Son, buy her a present. She would be happy”.

“Sure mom”.

She left without another word. I phoned Vina to ask what she would like me to buy for her. I knew she would demand for diamonds or chocolates like a typical rich wife does, but anyway I'd to ask her. She answered the call after two rings and s me as if this was the millionth time we were speaking on phone. She sounded so confident and comfortable. I thought it wasn’t that bad after all.

I asked her, “Mom asked me to buy you a present. Do you want me to get you anything in particular?”

She asked, “Yes. Would you please buy me a sugar candy?” without thinking twice.

I was surprised to hear that and couldn’t stop myself from asking, “Are you kidding me?”

She said, “Of course not. My nanny had never let me eat a sugar candy”.

Sugar candies and Vina? I wasn’t sure anymore that she wasn’t the kind of girl I wanted for a wife. 


  1. prejudice isn’t healthy right!

  2. this is sooooo .. umm ... soo sooo sweeeett sis ! :) ... in a way .. this reflects sumthing u said long time back to me , if u remember ! ;)

  3. phew...sugar candy eh??
    nice work though!
    keep going :)

    check this post now buddy :)

  4. a really nice read.. hoping to read more positive stories like these (unlike ur other morose ones);)
    narration is pretty good though.. keep writing...

    my blog:

  5. you have definitely misunderstood, nethra. i wasn't trying to find humour in anything, let alone in others' sufferings. i have read everything you've written so far and i did like them all very much. it's just in sugar candies, i could see some hope in the end and i liked it more than your other stories. that's all. well, whatever it is, looking forward to read more of your stories and poems. keep writing. and by the way, thanks for your comments on my blog. i appreciate it.

  6. haha...this one is nice too...
    i was expectin somethin else at the end.. or i must say i wasnt expectin this endin...

  7. This just proves that one should not pre judge and looks can be deceiving.One should always have an open mind.Well written.light and easy flow to read.

  8. Hmmm... very nice and nicely written too[:)]

    Prejudice is'nt healthy[:p]

  9. good one..was funny..Unlike ur previous ones, I felt the narration as well as the theme was less complicated..:)

  10. hmm...
    very nice msg to the readers!!
    at the same time makes me wonder on the character of Vina... she herself is so strict and time-table follower... but says she wants sugar-candy as she never had that freedom!!

    but, very nice msg, must say.. and beautifully put :)


  11. 'sugar candy' was totally unexpected from Vina.... and thats what makes this story special ...I was thinking she will ask for something else... but i m not sure what ...good work:)...

  12. good one :) .. ( thanks for the comment ) .. cheers :)

  13. Well written! But the character of "I" is not well justified. Obviously he was too prejudiced.
    Overall a good read. I would rate it 3 on 5. :)

    Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai

  14. nice read....u r quite at expressing smthing via ur words...representing it in a way of sending gud msg to awl...

    keep it up buddy :)

  15. hey very sweet way of ending the story... fell in love with that girl... :)

  16. nice message in it!!good work!

  17. your fictions were interesting to read. It make me to read without losing patience, gud thought :)

  18. This is such a sweet twist, very nice! Must read more from your archives

  19. wow Nethra...I must say it was a beautiful and very different...the end was very good...your best work till now..keep writing :)