17 May 2012

The devotion of suspect X

Wikipedia says Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and anything Japanese and one who has such an interest or love is a Japanophile. For the Japanophile I am, I had to read the book ‘The devotion of suspect X’ written by Keigo Higashino. It was a must read to me and I’m glad that I decided to read it.

05 May 2012


Inspiration – I’m not sure whether it comes to me or I just fail to recognize that I have sought it too but consciously, I never went looking for inspiration. 

I was there at market, buying vegetables to cook my best dish for my dad, so I can ask him to increase my pocket money or just another ordinary situation like that and suddenly, someone or something makes me want to write. I might not have spoken to anyone there; nothing extraordinary might have happened but I still want to weave a story around no one or nothing in particular.