14 March 2012

The land of the wilted rose

Are you an Indian? Did your granny ever narrate the story of firangis who ruled us for over two centuries and made us live like outsiders in our own country? My granny did. She was around ten during the time India got its independence and she still remembers how much she feared the British men who had camped outside her village. Her father never let her go anywhere unattended as he feared that those men would do something to her, such was the fear that these firangis had for them in Indians’ hearts. Everytime I recall this story, my blood boils. It is quite normal to get angry, isn’t it?

We still hear about how British treat Indians, don’t we? They call us thieves while they have our Kohinoor diamond in their museum. They don’t like doing business with us when it was them who captured our country after we let them do business here. Why such double standards? I wonder.