27 July 2011

A dream and a lost cause

Stocks, budgets, accounts, strategies, economy and what not-I have been hearing these kind of words since two months. To someone like me, who studied Computer Science and Engineering during graduation, all these words sounded jargon in the beginning but not anymore; I’m used to them already. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about what happened or what’s happening at my college in this post but about a particular class-very sleep inducing class it was. It’s not the lecturer’s fault but the subject’s, probably, not sure though.

10 July 2011

Love on the rocks

I haven’t read many Indian authors though I’m a voracious reader. It’s not like I don’t like reading books written by Indian authors but I am more into fantasy fictions and Indians haven’t contributed much to the genre but I hope I will get to read many fantasy fictions written by Indians, soon. Now, when I started reading “love on the rocks”, to be honest, I didn’t expect much. The title made me think that it would be another love story with a girl and a boy running around trees, playing mind games. Well, that’s how Indian love stories will be, right? Pardon my prejudice…

I’m not familiar with either the life on the sea or the Malayalis’ life which seems so different from the life at Bangalore. Anyway, that’s not the point here. What I wanted to tell is that the plot of the book surrounds a ship named Sea Hyena and a Malayali protagonist, Sancha.