20 May 2011

Promise not

Wind blows,
And away it flows.
The sun rises everyday.
And sets, leaving the sky gray.
Great Kings ruled our lands,
And finally went down the sands.
Promise not you will stay.
After all, death gets its way.

07 May 2011

Home! Sweet Home!

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Home; though he has been married for almost ten years now, the first thing that crosses his mind when someone mentions “home” is his childhood home, where his parents still live. His wife was a wonderful person; she tried really hard to keep him happy but she couldn’t stop him from missing his parents and his craving for the life that he had left behind for her. No, he never blamed her for anything because he was the one who had chosen her over his parents and even she had left behind everything so that she could with him; however, she never complained or displayed her despair, so even he never mentioned his parents in front of her. Neither he nor she ever spoke about it because they understood that it was already hard enough for them, even without knowing how unhappy their partners are about the coldness that their parents have maintained since many years; ten years was a very long time, really long.