28 March 2011

Playing Love

Do you suppose that the world revolves around you? Everyone does to some extent but it's also necessary to be considerate of others' feelings. People are people; we pass by many everyday, few good and few bad, yet they are people who can feel joy and pain. A person, no matter what he or she is to us, is not disposable. It's normal to be self-centered and do things if only it benefits us however it doesn't give us rights to use another person for our welfare and then cast them away without thinking twice. We might even remorse and want to compensate for our mistakes but some wounds can never be healed.

Sometimes apologies don't yield forgiveness because such would be our mistake; we quetch that the person, who is supposed to forgive us, is overreacting but we never wonder whether we would have forgiven if we were the one to bear that wound. We might have even sought revenge.

18 March 2011

The Shawshank Redemption

Andy Dufresne and Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding
Image Courtesy: listal

Have you ever been to an ocean? Doesn’t it look calm though we know there are millions of lives and zillions of activities happening underneath that mask of calmness. It hides countless secrets beneath it and when we learn any one of those secrets, we are left with nothing but the feeling of awe and that was exactly what happened to me when I watched “The Shawshank Redemption”. The movie wasn’t pacy but it wasn’t slow either. I quite liked both the pace and the storyline but if you decide to watch the movie after reading this review then let me warn you that the movie might not necessarily have the same effect on you, however I guarantee that it would at least not disappoint you.

04 March 2011

An animated world

Zero and CC from Code Geass
 Image Courtesy: Hiino

“What in the world should I write about?” this question was haunting me since last few days. No, it’s not writer’s block. It’s just that I had too many things on my mind. Firstly, MBA admissions and then other otiose things. However, I was never busy when it came to watching Animes (Japanese toons) and reading Mangas (Japanese comics). I have watched almost all the anime series that my friends recommended yet the list of animes that I want to watch shows no sign of exhaustion. Though, I don’t understand Japanese and watch either English subbed or dubbed version of the anime, I still love watching them. I have also learnt few Japanese words and I do not find Japanese names hard-to-pronounce anymore.