27 July 2011

A dream and a lost cause

Stocks, budgets, accounts, strategies, economy and what not-I have been hearing these kind of words since two months. To someone like me, who studied Computer Science and Engineering during graduation, all these words sounded jargon in the beginning but not anymore; I’m used to them already. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about what happened or what’s happening at my college in this post but about a particular class-very sleep inducing class it was. It’s not the lecturer’s fault but the subject’s, probably, not sure though.

He was drawing something on the board; I guess he was solving a problem or something like that. Whatever he was doing is not important but at that moment, a lion appeared on the green board-they use green boards at my college instead of black boards; might be it’s their way of going green. I knew it was only my illusion but the images were so vivid that I continued staring at it. It was roaring continuously but the professor seemed to not notice it. How strange! I thought, before I noticed something else rather someone else nearby. A beautiful archer. Yes, he was beautiful. His strong chest, biceps and broad shoulders-everything about him was beautiful. His smile was mesmerizing and eyes were sedative. He was pointing his arrow towards the lion and his posture was so perfect that he reminded me of someone whom I couldn’t name at that moment.

A moment ago, the lion seemed scary but with the archer’s arrow pointed at it, it looked so pitiful. I wanted to stop the archer and also wanted to know why he was killing the lion but I couldn’t do anything but choke. I wished that I could at least stop the lecturer who was going on and on, clueless that half of the class was sleeping; might be he was pretending to not notice. Anyway, something was holding back my voice. I was paralyzed too-I couldn’t even move my body; I was glued to my seat. What I saw next scared me greatly. I saw cruelty in the archer’s face. There was no warmth in his eyes and his smile was cunning too. His beauty and grace failed to hide the cruelness that his aura oozed, and the lion that seemed dangerous before the archer’s entry looked harmless. At that moment, life seemed unimportant. Everything was meaningless to me except that lion’s life. I wanted to save it no matter what, even if meant I had to stand against the archer and fight him.

How was I supposed to know that he wasn’t my only enemy; there were others too, waiting to tear the lion’s skin apart. How cruel! I muttered under my breath so no one would hear me. I had to attack my enemies silently. I had to plan instead of plunging on them because proceeding, driven by emotions wouldn’t save the lion. It would only put me in danger, along with the lion.

I wanted to come up with a foolproof plan to save the lion but my mind refused to think because it knew that I was just hallucinating. I seriously didn’t understand why it was refusing to help the lion that was in danger. Even though it was just my illusion, it wouldn’t lose anything by saving a poor animal. I realised that it was not just the archer who was cruel but my mind too. Might be the lion noticed the archer for it started growling, not in anger but fear.

Not just ideas but causes too are lost with time, mostly because of distractions. If the girl sitting next to me hadn’t woken me up from my dream then I might have saved the lion. I might have come up with a really smart strategy to save the poor animal. I hope lions are not on the verge of extinction because I couldn’t save one that was in danger. If you want to blame anyone for what happened then it should be the girl who interrupted my dream. However, I wish to see the lion again and if I see it by chance, then I hope I wouldn’t be sitting next to someone who would wake me up in between.


  1. LOL nice dream to have while sleeping in class. XD I tried to sleep during boring classes during B.Tech but somehow never could. I used to tweet from my previous Nokia phone instead. Sigh good times.

  2. Yeah!! But my dreams are a bid wild. Wild as in, me as protagonist. Classes are fun until I'm forced to ogle the board and sometimes teacher's face. Grr...

  3. I hope you have thanked your Professor? It was thanks to him that you managed to dream up an entire post :p

  4. Agree with Purba...nice write-up!
    I dream A LOT too....really weird ones:)

  5. Did you watch Gladiator the previous night? Or any Japanese/Korean movies with Lion and Archer :P

    Anyways moral of the story: Even a boring situation can lead to something.

  6. lol...nice dream...
    had the lion not been wounded and was chasing you, you would definitely have wanted someone to wake you up :P

  7. Look at it this way, since the girl woke you up from the dream, the archer couldn't kill, and the lion lived on...
    I had forgotten how well you write, had me engrossed.

  8. why didn't you tried to sleep again and save the Lion? :)

  9. Samadrita
    It was impossible for me not to sleep in that class.

    Attending lectures is indeed boring.

    Yes. Quite wild!

    Ah, I forgot to thank him. Will do it when I see him at college on tomorrow.


    I am looking forward to read few of your dreams too.

    Lakshmi Rajan
    I don't remember what I was watching the previous night but I'm sure there were no lions or gladiators in whatever I watched. Seems like it was a random dream.

    I agree. I would be running for my life then.

    Yea, there is that possibility too. Hope to see that Lion again then.

    I shall do that in next sleep inducing class.


  10. Not at all weird. But natural it is, this phenomena. 'Day dreaming during lectures', We all experience it. :D