18 April 2011

The crowd is "not" my shepherd

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No, I haven’t given up writing fictions. It’s just that, nowadays, I feel like writing about everything and anything; mostly about the things that inspires (or influences) me greatly. Recently, I haven’t been doing anything productive though there are few things that I would like to do like exhausting the must-watch animes’ list, updating my bookshelf, finishing the half read Cecelia Ahren’s “If you could see me now” and study accounts; however, I choose to continue doing nothing. Trust me, it’s no fun and now, even the word boredom bores me to no extent but I know that it won’t last forever. Soon, I would be forced to run behind something that I don’t even want to chase and all because the world is going after it.

I agree that earning bread is essential but it’s also necessary to choose a career that would keep us interested and doesn’t make us feel burdened. Career apart, I suppose that we have stopped thinking for ourselves when it comes to other things too because we always prefer following the crowd. We feel safe doing things that everyone does because if something goes wrong then it goes wrong for everyone; like that, we make sure that we aren’t losing anything that others haven’t lost already.

It’s not compulsory to stand out but I’m sure that we would enjoy doing things our way more than mimicking the crowd. I’m not saying that the mass could be wrong; it’s not the crowd that I am talking about but us as individuals and our decision making abilities, hence it doesn’t really matter whether others are right or wrong.

Are we so retarded that we cannot decide upon a book to read without worrying about what others are reading lately? Should I stop using Orkut just because others prefer Facebook and Twitter over it? (by the way, I do not use Orkut but my account still exist) We even made someone like Rebecca Black famous just because somebody out there told us about how bad her song was; I checked out her song too, and I agree that it was pretty bad and the lyrics silly. Poonam Pandey made use of our herd mentality and became famous overnight, didn’t she? And we already know how TV commercials exploits our herd mentality.

I believe that we should never restrict ourselves and always welcome change; however, doing something just because it’s trendy is not something that I would want to do. Firstly, I would ask myself what I really want to do and then, follow my heart, no matter what it decides for me. It’s alright if others don’t accept it and laugh at me instead. We, humans, are social beings, hence we want our society to acknowledge us but we don’t have to play sheep to get noticed. Everyone is unique and irreplaceable; why should we lose ourselves in the crowd?

When we follow the crowd, life becomes predictable but change is the only thing that’s good about this life; it makes life fun. For me, all is well as long as I am happy.


  1. Like Barack Obama says, "We need Change" (though he hasn't done anything that could be called A Change- He still support Pakistan)

  2. Well put. Its fun when you follow your heart without bothering about what others would think.

    Most choose the tried and trusted method as they dont have to take risk. But wheres the fun. And yeah you need guts to take that unused path. Not everyone have the guts to do so :)

  3. Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one's understanding without guidance from another. This immaturity is self-imposed when its cause lies not in lack of understanding, but in lack of resolve and courage to use it without guidance from another. Sapere Aude! [dare to know] "Have courage to use your own understanding!"--that is the motto of enlightenment.

    Get Enlightened- have the courage to stand on your own(even if one is in crowd)- just like the picture of sheep you used :)
    loved it

  4. Yes, follow your heart is good but then a bit of head into it would make it worthwhile. It is also dangerous if one decides to just steer away from crowd only because he needs to be different. So one has to follow heart, keep their head in place and ENJOY what they do ! :) I am trying to do that - and trying hard to sync heart and head in the process :P

    - Lakshmi Rajan

  5. Your post makes me feel as if I've written it myself. 'Cause my views are all similar. I don't know about others but I've always done things differently from the rest and I got a feeling I'll never change. Glad to have company! And this was a kickass post.

  6. Follow the heart has been my mantra too..

  7. What matters is most is, if one is happy at the end of the day or not. We are trying to run so fast these days ...some of us even lose track what they are running after..Very well written!

  8. Prateek
    Let's give him time. He might really change things for good.

    Without risks, life isn't fun at all.

    That was quite insightful and I can't agree more.

    Lakshmi Rajan
    We don't have to try to be different. I suppose we already are.

    I don't like predictability too.*high five*

    That's really great. I always listen to my inner voice than the crowd.


    That's what I was trying to say. We are always running behind something without knowing whether we truly seek it.

  9. Hi. Thanks for your comment on my post. I'm totally an advocate of living life on your terms (I prefer this to 'follow your heart/mind). It is fun - maybe - but it has its 'price' also. Maybe 'opportunity cost' is a better description. I'm referring to stuff beyond which movie I like or what book I should read. Just the way we choose to live one's life. If you want to move against the tide, then it takes effort. It maybe difficult. You may have disbelievers and nay sayers. It depends on your resolve. How much you want to be in control of your own choices. It is a constant challenge. Good to know there are others who feel the same way.

  10. Wonderfully written. Leaders choose their own path, others follow the crowd.

  11. People find safety in numbers. If so many like it it must be good. It saves them the stress to risk a decision.

    Only when we take a risk, we discover the unexpected joys of life. But the head in sync with the heart can be a wonderful partnership.

  12. Nice written. Rolling stones never gets mass. We need change. It is a good thing always.

  13. Hahaha so true... I mentioned you in my post! Keep writing!!

  14. In fact its safe to use your own brain....others are getting paid for saying things they dont believe in....paid reviews, paid news...etc

  15. Oh my god! I am awestruck Nethra. I seldom find your writing stuff other than fiction. This one was very good. Please keep writing some stuff like this that ll make the readers mind think. Loved the title. :)

  16. This post is beautiful! <3
    I feel the same way every few months, & then I have to make some changes in my blog. And follow your heart. Always. :)

  17. Deepa
    That's a good way of living, ain't it?

    I am not against the crowd though. I just like following my heart.

    I agree that both head and heart should be put into our work.

    Yes, change is always good.

    Thank you very much for everything! :)

    Yes, crowd could mislead us sometimes.

    From now onwards, I shall write more non-fictions too.

    I understand that feeling, very much.

  18. This is something that even I follow.. never follow the crowd, do what you really want to do..