14 October 2010

Ramen Girl

How many more retakes had he intended to take? It was very tiring. Well, I cannot blame him entirely because he wouldn't have asked for any retakes if I had played my role the way he wanted it. After all, he's one of the best directors who never compromise for anything and wouldn't accept anything lesser than what's on his mind...not even for the not-so-important scenes.

All I had to do was to look into my co-actor's eyes and tell her that I loved her. It should have been easy because I had done it plenty of times with the same actor but I wonder what was so different today. Why weren't my expressions up to the mark according to the director? Yuri is a fine actor and a friend since my starting days as an actor, hence we share a very good chemistry. So, what was the problem? I couldn't figure out.

Unlike many unfortunates who do anything for living, I got the opportunity to do something that I enjoy doing. I agree that I did crave for fame and recognition at the beginning of my career but it did not take very long for me to recognize that I enjoyed my work better when I did not think about getting appreciated for the same.

05 October 2010

Celebrating Blogging at Indiblogger meet

There were around three hundred people gathered under one roof. No, I’m not talking about Bangalore buses but Indiblogger meet that was held at Fortune Park JP Celestial, Bangalore on 3rd October 2010. There were geeks, personal bloggers, journalists, Tamil bloggers and of course Indibloggers team gathered to celebrate blogging.

For someone like me who think hundred times before stepping out of the house to meet a friend, it was a big deal that I attended the indiblogger meet. Though I hate crowd and it’s always a big “NO” when the crowd is a bunch of strangers, I couldn’t help but enjoy my fellow bloggers’ company, whose blogs I have been reading ever since I was introduced to the blogging world by a close friend. Well, there were few familiar faces but still I hadn’t met anyone in person and how much ever I knew about them was only through the blog world. Thanks to the indiblogger’s team to have organized such a wonderful event of bringing all the bloggers together because I can no more address my blogger friends as strangers. Now, I have not only read them but also exchanged greetings with them, had a friendly chat and felt their warm smiles. A special thanks to Avada, who tolerated my continuous blabbering without asking me to shut up.