31 May 2010

Trust, it's Love!

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23 May 2010

Love, unknown

Social networking sites on Internet embraced her with open arms while assuring freedom from her loneliness. She had couple of friends from her school and college, but they were busy chasing their dreams and it left her craving for some company and attention. Internet offered plenty of it. She met like-minded people and they always made her feel wanted. Unlike others, she found life in the virtual world.

Exchanging names, then exchanging phone-numbers, an hour chit-chat and finally meeting up in real, it was easier than she had supposed. She knew what she wanted and she was ready to pay any price to get it, the price being time. Sometimes, she would also explore the real world. If she encountered someone in a pub or saw someone on street checking her out, then she would encourage them with a smile and sometimes even befriend them. The Virtual world had not only taken away her loneliness but it had made her confident. Now, she had a reason to smile and people, whom she could call friends.

10 May 2010

I'm mom's sweetheart.

It was a pleasant weather. The cloudy sky, the sweet fragrance of the soggy earth and the cool breeze that brushed over her face, everything was mesmerizing. However, without noticing anything, she kept on walking to arrive at an unknown destiny. Her eyes were filled with tears and her mind engrossed by that one person, her mom.

Her pregnancy was confirmed and though she was extremely happy, excited and what not about the new baby to come home, from past few days she had been pondering over her past and that was troubling her. She had questioned those few decisions that she had taken in the past, which had not only changed her life but also her mom’s and she failed to justify those very decisions.

01 May 2010


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"Please show me mercy and just kill me already", he begged her but she wouldn't listen. She tortured him at her leisure. She wanted to savor every moment of the sweet sin that she was committing. Instead of choosing a lethal weapon that would kill him at once, she had picked up needles and nails to torture him. She didn't want to give him a quick death because he didn't deserve it. She wanted him to feel the pain that he had imposed on those hundreds and thousands whom he had killed. She wanted him to beg for death that she would never grant him, at least not that easily.