19 March 2010

A substitute

Sometimes he was so close and other times so faraway from her. She supposed the past still haunted him but whenever she tried talking about it, he always dismissed the topic saying he was just looking forward for a better future, a future with her.

He told her that he was glad that she had never left his side, in both easy and difficult times, but she wanted him to know that she was more than glad to be around him. Whenever he was around, she just couldn't take off her eyes off him and the way she was all praises for him made her friends suspect that she was in love. She surely loved him and had always loved him. It had started with mere friendship and along with time, it has grown into something stronger and purer than that.

06 March 2010

Time travel

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"We can't take that risk. We don't know how her body might react to the speed, so we ought to send a test subject before we summon her", he explained. He hoped they would get his point, he hated this part of his work. Making a bunch of lunkheads understand science was more difficult than teaching a monkey to speak English.