18 January 2010


"Bless the devil! Everyone and everything will die if the temperature remains so low for another day. I wish I had put on some more warm clothes. This seemed enough when I left home. Goddamn! I always forget to wear gloves. Why did I have to become a soldier? I could have been an accountant or a librarian, instead. Mother always tells me that she had never imagined that I will become a soldier, but Jessie had fallen for it, not only her but most women fancy soldiers. Soldiers are tough guys after all and women are always into either bad or tough guys".

"How much I wish I was in bed, making love to Jessie, instead of entertaining some cock and bull story. In small towns, everyone knows what others are up to and when one talks, everyone joins him. People talk anything and everything. Now, they are talking about night-walkers. I'm aware that people are going missing but that doesn't mean they are hunted down by some bloody blood-sucking creatures from the myth".

09 January 2010

Call it luck

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In the library...