12 July 2009

A falling star

I fly in the sky, blue and high
I die in the sky, without a sigh
In love, I came to kiss her once
In love with void, she never gave me a chance

They come seeking brothers
But she refuses our jaspers and glisters
She is wedded to the sun and the sky
yet, she lives alone and shy
She cries on our retire
On close-in, she loses her attire
She smiles, she gleams and she lasts forever
In her love, many of us die. I, a falling star...

10 July 2009

A phenomenon

I am neither void,
nor ovoid.
I am just an illusion.

Born from light,
I glow bright.
I am a colorful delusion.

My glory envied,
is never vied.
I am an elegant vision.

01 July 2009


I don’t know why I was reading this letter, again and again, anyhow I read it. Even after reading it for the hundredth time, I didn’t understand why he had chosen me over other girls around. I had tried so hard to not get noticed.

I couldn’t pick up the reason that had made him write me a love letter. I wasn’t much of a beauty, however enough for an ordinary girl. I had no intentions of contesting in any beauty competition, so I was happy with my looks. Anyway, I wasn’t like other girls. Psychopaths didn’t live in every neighborhood, but there was one around. I was the one. Even a dumb guy would take the hint from my behavior that I wasn’t interested in anyone. I wanted to be left alone, but this guy had written me a love letter. Damn him!

I thrust the letter into my bag, as I didn't care it would crimp. But I immediately drew it out and tore it into pieces. I dumped them in a dustbin on my way to the next lecture. I hoped he would understand that I wasn’t interested either in him or his letter. I knew he was watching me the whole time.