15 May 2009

Suicide bomber

Silence always conveys warning...a warning of disaster. Few recognize it and few don’t. The usually busy town was unusually calm. People were lost in their lives, unaware of the danger awaiting them. I bought a ticket to the last stop of the most crowded train. I neither knew the end point nor the route that the train would take.

The guy at the counter smiled, as he handed me the ticket and the change. He said, “have a nice day, ma’am”. I had never traveled by train, so I did not know whether these guys were usually so friendly or he was being nice particularly to me for some reasons that only he knew. I wondered how he would have treated me, if he had known why I was on this train. For sure, he wouldn’t have smiled at me. Of course, no one liked death, except me. I had my good reasons...quite convincing reasons.

12 May 2009

Bread and Belt

I was hungry and wished I could earn my bread just like humans do but they had left nothing for others. I wished I was in a forest, hunting some animal and living happily, until some other animal hunted me down but I wasn't blessed enough to deserve that ecstasy. I lived among humans who considered themselves as Gods of earth. In one way they were right, they were Gods of destruction. They destructed everything they passed by.

I ignored their atrocity and sat in front of a small bakery, waiting for someone to throw a piece of bread. I never slept with a full stomach but I always hoped I would get at least a mouthful of bread to make it through  another day. No dog could be sure that he will get to eat something the next day.

I waited for hours and hours but no one even glanced at me. Still, I waited hoping someone would be generous enough to throw a small piece of bread. Hundreds of people walked in and walked out, carrying loads of food with them. For a moment, I wished even I was a human but the idea was so disgusting that I gave up immediately. I did not want to be a human, who wouldn't even throw a piece of bread at a poor dog.