10 November 2009

A Chocolaty Date

The simmering chocolate surely looks delicious and the luscious aroma is promising nothing lesser than a treat… the treat that always remains incomplete when Adi is around.

The piece of cake that momma gives, never satisfies me. Somehow, Adi's piece always looks bigger than mine. Momma never bakes a bigger cake. She keeps it “happy family” size. Every time, I end up longing for more cake...cake sauced with hot chocolate.

Chocolate! I would do anything for it. I bought chocolates on every possible occasions. Sometimes, I even stole from Adi's box. Momma tried talking me out of this craziness; instead, the effort turned her mad. She kept the chocolates locked in the kitchen cupboard, so I could fight the temptation. However, it didn't help me check my desires. The urge for it made me find alternatives. I bribed Toni, the next door kid, to buy chocolates for me. I kept them in my lockers and always carried the keys with me. I didn't let Adi linger around my cupboard, unguarded.

Momma suspected that I was up to something because I had stopped pestering her for chocolates. To make her believe that I am trying to get over it, I sometimes even took the pains of begging her for it.

Lighting the candles, I switched off the mains and put the plates on the table. Today, there was no need to hide. I was alone at home. No one would claim a share. It was a dream come true.

The chocolate cake sat proudly on the dinning table, waiting for, his love. We had a date together. Tonight, he was completely mine. Long had, I waited for this. Not wasting another moment, I took a bite. He was delicious. I poured forth more sauce on him. He was so smooth and so very chocolaty. I felt full, yet thirsty for him.

"What are you doing, darling?"

I wondered why he is complaining. Had I been too harsh upon him? I guessed I should handle him gently. I took another bite and let the chocolate melt in my mouth.

He again asked, "What are you doing, darling?"

Licking the chocolate from my lips, I looked into Adi's eyes. He was sitting before me, smiling. I knew the smile…the bastard was enjoying this. He had caught me in the right moment...very favorable to him and now wanted to feast over my defeat. He helped himself with a piece of my cake. I chewed the insides of my mouth when I recognized the keys that were next to his plate. I should have known.

He said, "Yum, wifey" and dug in his plate.


  1. Haha..very chocolaty story..I never myself knew that a date can be had with chocolates :)

    I am a chocolate lover myself and my mouth is watering now.Gotta go to coffee day as i am not able to resist my hunger :P

    You wrote very nicely :)

    Keep writing :)

    And yeah..this template is so simple and loving ;)

    See you around :)


  2. hmmm nethra f9 very impressive story ..........

  3. nice one Nethra...
    Chocolate personified..
    keep writing :)

  4. momma's love, hubby n wifey's love all wid a fictional chocolate....kewl !!

  5. oohh am a choc beast and wud do anything for chocolates!! ha ha never tried a thats an interesting idea! ..following yu..neat post! :D

  6. good beginning......nice ending

  7. Interesting and innovative....
    Narration was choclatious...
    I have same craziness for Irani chai of Hyderabad :)

  8. Such a yummy post! Narration is as good as a chocolate pastry. Loved it to the core. :-)

  9. I loved the way you wrote this post.
    Being a chocoholic myself, I truly get what you are trying to say..


  10. I liked the writing as always but i felt something was missing.

  11. I aint much a chocolate person,but there are a lot of them around me,so i understand,
    nice one

  12. cool date I should say :P

    nice way of narrating :)

  13. what a craze of chocolate :P
    Must say that was a nice date for u :D :P

    Between Nethra u narrate it so well!!!

  14. as usual...glorious..flow is awesum..simple post caricatured so beatifically

  15. nice.... now you are making me to go on my chocolate date....

  16. hey nice one...
    adi your husband?? i was thinking your brother!!!!

  17. as I chocolate lover it was an absolute delight to read this post, very well written, left a good taste in my head :)

  18. Hi Nethra,

    Am a mad lover of chocolate that too DAIRY MILK, and this date is so superb. Very chocolaty. You have a great creativity. Continue your superb work. Waiting for many more like this.

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  20. not a big chocolate lover ... but still i have my THINGS .... good one !!!

  21. I was never a lover of chocolates.. But the way you've described your date made me go green with envy.. The next thing I'm doing after posting a comment here is heading to my refrigerator for some luscious dark chocolate bar.. ;-)

  22. Cheers to the phenomenon that is Chocoholism!
    Cheers to us! Gr8 post

    Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
    Thanks a lot!

  23. @Saurabh
    I'm glad you liked it and cheers to Chocoholism.
    I don't get when I encouraged you to keep blogging, if i did then m happy I did.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. Neel,

    Thanks for visiting the blog and reading this chocolaty affair. :)

  25. Nethra.. I had read this long back.. Very chocolaty post..

    Someone is Special