04 October 2009

Magic always ends!

Under the starry sky, I sit alone. I sit alone, like a lost knight.
Humming a lazy tune and wishing for the night to die soon.
I sit alone, yet in the company of the cold night.
Faraway, a dog howled and went behind the veils, the moon.

I sit here, quiet. Quiet, yet noisily beats my heart.
Breaking the silence, the breeze began to croon.
I sit here, under the starry sky, waiting for the first light.
The breeze sung and with it, I hummed. I hummed the same tune.
My eyes fluttered again and again. With sleep, was it's fight.
Forgetting, magic always ends, I sit here. I sit here, like a goon.


  1. this is one of the best poem you wrote
    I was actually visualizing the poem....
    rightly said

    Magic always end,
    so as poem

  2. Good one ... words painted a picture of an anguished man

  3. knight, night, light, fight
    soon moon croon goon...
    i always used to wonder how they use tat rhyming words when ppl write poems...
    this one is nice...

  4. The end of something leads to the beginning of something better ! :)

  5. lovely poetry..
    but i failed to figure out ani charater that u might be refering to here..

  6. I say the magic never ends. The memories which you have is 'magic' and the memories never go unless you have 'short term memory loss' problem :-P

  7. Really It happens with everyone atleast once i guess....

    (and sorry to paste this here)
    but you asked a question on my blog...pasted the answer on the comment section of the blog....

  8. i found the poem very reminded me of my presidency colleg days ..
    great poem
    regard PRANAY TIWARI

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  10. there is an award waiting for u at my blog :)

  11. nice poem!!

  12. Really nice poem like your blog tooo...
    keep writing..
    You can visit mine too.......

  13. "the magic always ends." I love this, and an important lesson in life.

  14. nice, nice....nice.....but still, why goon?

  15. This was probably the only decent poem I liked among all of yours.It was a pleasant breeze..

    But,I think its missing something.The other 'How I missed him' n 'the chocolaty date' weren't really impressive.Inquisitiveness is what keeps a reader glued to your writings..that's what you need to work upon.Moreover,all your posts seem to be short..

    But,I like your nasty thing towards chocolate..:P

  16. super! i visualized it too like others! bdw did u refer any bird who got lost from a flock?

  17. It wasn't a bird that I had in my mind, but a man sitting alone and he would be pretty bored of everything.
    I am happy for you liked it. :)